Tarot Card Readings

What is Tarot?

The history of tarot is hard to trace but comes to us now as a deck of 78 cards that allow us to intuit major and minor events in our lives. The idea is that the seeker asks a question or puts an intention into a tarot card reading. The cards drawn and the sequence in which they are drawn produce an inkling of the way the future can unfold. Cards are also used to reveal a theme or energy that is within the sphere of the seeker.pile of taro cards

How does Tarot help me rise?

I use tarot while keeping in mind that free will is still very much in play. It helps me to tap into the themes that are at play in my life at any given time and often they are subconscious scripts that are running beneath my awareness. In this way, we can uncover blocks, identify major themes, and see the path that is unfolding before you. In a reading I would draw a number of cards for you after connecting to your energy. Tarot is a great way to begin and end a session in conjunction with the other services that I offer.


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