What is Reiki?

reiki definition

Imbalances in the body can be created from physical, emotional, spiritual, or energetic sources. Reiki moves energy to the place in your body where healing or rebalancing needs to occur.sharon-mccutcheon-r6_xcsNg0kw-unsplash

While commonly done in person, distance reiki is also recognized as a method for delivering energy from a healer to a client. In this way, I am able to provide reiki healing to you wherever you are and whatever you are doing, while safely practicing distancing.

How does Reiki help me rise?

Reiki is a way to realign the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself so that you can attain alignment in all areas of your life. Depending upon how sensitive you are to energy transmission you may not feel anything physical happening. Some people feel a warm sensation. Others fall into a trance-like state that I like to call a “reiki nap”. Most of my clients say they feel a peace and calm after our sessions. What you are more likely to notice is a change to your feeling of well being and an ease of flow added to your life.

During a 45 minute session, I will connect with you on the phone or via Zoom to guide you through what I am doing from a healer’s perspective. After the first session  follow ups can be done with or without connecting on this 3D plane.



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