Trusted Advisor

How does a Trusted Advisor work?

Guide. Doula. Collaborator. Sounding Board. Trusted Advisor. Consultant… Whatever you want to call it, our goal in working this way is to rise – amplify your voice, optimize your business, find your joys in life, make your dreams a reality.

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For most of my career I have been a consultant in corporate America. People often ask me what a consultant does. My answer is: I help people solve problems they know they have, identify problems they didn’t know they had, and help them feel like they aren’t alone while solving those problems.
I would like to help you with the exact same things as your Trusted Advisor.

How does a Trusted Advisor help me rise?

Our first conversation would be assessing where you are and where you want to go – and if you don’t know where you want to go, that is ok too! I will meet you wherever you are on your journey. Additional sessions dive deeper into issues that are specific to you and  your dreams. We work together to build a plan to get you from where you are today to your future self.

This is sample list of the types of fun we can have:

  • Definition of your goals
  • Creation of an action plan to get you to your dreams
  • Identification of who you want to play with along the way
  • Tutoring on business basics: forecasts, budgets, profit and loss statements, marketing plans, recruiting the right staff, creating process and procedures, etc.
  • Moving your career or business forward and expanding your reach
  • Changing direction and plans to pivot into new markets or career
  • Working in small groups with your partners to refine/define your relationship


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