What it Means to "Rise"

To rise is to move upward. Rising will be realized in a different way for each individual. Perhaps rising in your career is getting the promotion that you seek or up-leveling your business. Maybe you have felt stagnated for a while with the direction of your life in general, and want to set it on a different trajectory. Sometimes illness or being at rock bottom is the point at which we are finally able to ascend. For me, rising has meant coming out the other side of cancer and taking a critical look at how I live. I changed every aspect of my life in a way that is aligned solidly with my core values. I used a myriad of tools to rise to where I am today. I am spending my one precious life on this planet helping others rise too.

What are you releasing to rise?

I am excited to offer two opportunities for the new year!

I am offering a special Tarot Reading layout for the new year. Learn about the theme of your 2022 and how each month could unfold, along with tips for self-care customized for what you will be experiencing. Book your hour with me to get your preview.

And once you have an outlook for the year, I am offering monthly or quarterly coaching sessions to guide you along the path of 2022. Talk with me after your tarot read about this fun accountability and check in process to keep your goals and dreams on track!


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